Tik Tok Tek – New Song // Free Download

Liam Shy presents a new big room techno/house banger entitled “Tik Tok Tek” for your aural arousal. http://soundcloud.com/liamshy/tik-tok-tek

The tune features minimal, chopped vocals from Kesha, sexy cimmerian leads and intimate low end for your bass chakras.

A far cry from the usual cheese that dominates club friendly house and also not falling victim to the boring repetition of old world techno.  Rather this tune will light up the cynics and the optimists alike so they both may raise their glasses in celebration of the balance struck.

Liam Shy is a 27 year old poet, thrillseeker and provocateur from San Francisco, CA.  He performs nearly every weekend DJ’ing in his homestate or across lands near and far.

For more information please visit:


When I leave for the night I ain’t coming back…

HQ Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bbj974h6e393bb9


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