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It is with great honor to announce that Liam Shy will be performing with Infected Mushroom at their San Francisco show on 4/20/2013 at the Regency Grand Ballroom!!  Infected will be debuting their new live act which looks absolutely stunning!  Liam will also be doing a very special live set utilizing the Akai APC 40, Drums, Keyboards and more.  Be sure to snag a ticket soon, they very likely will sell out!  You can grab yours here: and RSVP on the Facebook page here:  See you at the show!!

My live band DISSØLV has been confirmed to perform at Burning Man Decompression on the Dubscouts stage!!  Exact timeslot TBA but I do believe we will be closing out the stage!  Not to be missed 🙂

For more information on DISSØLV please check us out > 

Just wanted to do a shout out to the LovEvolution Festival which is returning to the Bay Area this Saturday, Sept 24th.  I will be DJ’ing on the Tantra Float where we will be rocking psychedelic trance beats all day long!!  Here is our lineup and timeslots:

Get your tickets HERE

Tantra Float Timeslots @ LovEvolution

12 – Psysas

1 – Doctor Spook

2 – Sentient

3 – Dual Core

4 – Random

5 – BioGenesis

6 – Liam Shy

7 – Cortex

Here is the full festival lineup >

Here is my Burning Man performance schedule thus far… Possibly more TBA

Tuesday Night – 3:30am DISSØLV Live @ Psytribe (10:00 and K)

Wednesday Night – 8pm DISSØLV Live @ Opulent Temple (10:00 & B)

Wed Night – 11:30pm Liam Shy DJ Set @ Above The Limit (9:15 and A)

Thursday Night – 4am Liam Shy DJ Set @ Outpost 23 Open Playa Party (Located approx 12 o’clock – behind the man on open playa)