Liam Shy + Timo Preece are going to be doing a very special Live Techno Remix set with Drums, Synths and More on 4/20/13 at the majestic Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.

They will be opening for the legendary psychedelic act Infected Mushroom who will be debuting their new Fungusamongus 3D Live Experience.

Timo and Liam will be using the new Push Controller by Akai and Ableton along with the APC 40 and Digital Percussion.

The show is sold out however VIP tickets are left which you can purchase here

See you at the show!


Liam Shy will be hosting a 100% FREE workshop at Guitar Center in San Mateo on Wednesday, February 6th from 7-8pm.

The topics will include DJ’ing and Music Production in the Electronic Dance Music Community.  Stop by if you are in the area and learn the tricks and tips that Liam has to share with you to help you take your craft to the next level.

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It is with great honor to announce that Liam Shy will be performing with Infected Mushroom at their San Francisco show on 4/20/2013 at the Regency Grand Ballroom!!  Infected will be debuting their new live act which looks absolutely stunning!  Liam will also be doing a very special live set utilizing the Akai APC 40, Drums, Keyboards and more.  Be sure to snag a ticket soon, they very likely will sell out!  You can grab yours here: and RSVP on the Facebook page here:  See you at the show!!


















I am very happy to announce my new mixtape series “Kickin’ It”, which will be bringing you fresh DJ mixes on a weekly basis.  The purpose of the mixtape is to get some of the enormous amounts of music in my library out into the world to be shared and enjoyed.  The mixes will range in style, with a focus on psytrance, psytech and progressive.  You may even get some psybreaks and electropsy as well to keep things interesting.

Week 1 is up and posted, check back weekly for updates!

To download, right click and “Save As”


See you on the dancefloor (or in your speakers!)

-Liam Shy